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Mushrooms don't grow without rain. Our Mega project is a mutual team work effort from both the presenter and the audience. So do help us update by sending in your updates.

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Submit your article to our web design team, and we will publish your article at if it seems fit.
  • for all submissions , please indicate your name/nick, occupations (aimst student/ lecturers ...) and date of submission.
  • All content will be processed (screen, edit, graphic add on's, format) before published.
  • We have rights to edit/delete/publish your submission, if it seems fit.
  • No incentives, cash, prize should be requested if your articles/photo is/or not published.
  • All submission must be genuine of your creation.
  • Formats: .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .txt, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .zip, .bmp, .gif. Others Can be submit as well.

1) Comments on the website "" (design, content, improvements to be made)

  • Constructive comments requested.
  • No spaming / flaming / cursing.
  • Suggestion of new topics and categories.

2) Review/Articles on AIMST University ( hardware, software, experiences, campus lifestyle, future prospect, courses & faculty)

  • Must be of your own experiences (and with solid reasons/proof)
  • No spaming / flaming / cursing , as we don't want to be in conflict with AIMST University's interest. (all post must be in neutral stand, rational, and attractive.)

3) Review/Articles on local/Malaysia (places to visit, dine, shop, and have fun)

  • Indicate also how to go there (with map will be better) , transportations available, reasons, benefits, pros & cons , preparations (if required).

4) Photos (places, events, activities, class)

  • Photos must be minimum 400x300 pixel , maximum 800x600 pixel.
  • other graphical contents must be less than or equals to width 800px.
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