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we are small group of AIMST student who love web designing as our part time hobby. This website "" is created for the purpose of refining our skills through Self Directed Learning (as we are not taking any IT related course).

It was first started as a offline project. we collected allot of AIMST events photos since 2002. With every collection, we found that it would be a waste if such memorable moments in AIMST is not shared to the world (or it is forgotten over time even among our students). University life is wonderful and full of surprise. With further study on every aspect of AIMST University, it answers to the common question in foundation - "Why AIMST ?".

myaimst network sketch

Why choose AIMST as the topic of the web design material ?

  • First of all, we are AIMST Student, so we are proud of AIMST University.
  • Secondly, we can have unlimited source of information and photos. With support of friends and staffs, we can build up a whole archive of story of AIMST University Life. Hence, we can promote the healthy AIMST Lifestyle.
  • Thirdly, There is not yet a official center of archive collection for all information of AIMST. Most of people tells their own stories when promoting AIMST. Well, My-AIMST-Network will be collections of all thoughts and imaginations. State of the art University must comes with state of the art students with state of the art thinking.
  • Fourthly, well, My-AIMST-Network do not only focus on AIMST University promotion, but the whole package from how to live out the best in University Life, to what you can do to improve AIMST. We will cover the scope of : Building Structure & Fengshui, Maps & Locations, Tourism & Leisure , Dine & Shop, Clubs & Associations, Campus Life & Hostel Life, Education & Miles stones, Study style & methods ...... almost everything.

Why "my" AIMST as the domain ? mainly because we want to bring the familiarity of AIMST to your heart. Like "myworld", "myhouse", "mycountry". It is within you that makes AIMST more that structure with four walls.

Well, there is allot to do to make this mega project a success. As the name indicates, MEGA-PROJECT ! ... what you may see now are mostly under construction. It may take our few years of university life completely to finish project. This is because we are also busy with studies & exams. We hope that this project will benefit everyone , from local to international. As for us, we just enjoy the part of designing one successful website.

The growing Ideas

Since the establishment of the website, the website had never been static. A you may see from diffrent outline and design theme in every diffrent sub-categories. Sometime you may find that the content remains but the designs differ from time to time. You may ask , why not going modular, where there is a standard outline for all the webpages, so that the navigation will be easier. This is because we believe in improvement, not only to the graphical interphase, but also to the underlying html code.

Webdesign Creativity is our aim. A static design is easily be done by comercially available webpage templates. However, we felt that "Do It Yourself" would be better when come to learning webpage programming all by your own. With every designs, we test for all diffrent parameter from user friendliness to loading time. With every error, we try again with another approach. Hence, practice makes perfect. This is what we can not learn from books. Experiences Gain from Continous Tryouts.

Well, you can drop a few words for us, in order for better improvements in the future.

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