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My Aimst Network Mission


A Ultimate product of multi-talent, multi-disiplinary, intergration of knowledge, skills, and interest.

The Ideas & Concept

The main idea of this section in the Mega Project is to collect, design and share information on AIMST University. The main focus is on the Lifestyle of AIMST Student, rather than complete academic and university profile (as these will be fully described in AIMST University Official Website at AIMST University Lifestyle potray rich and colorful campus life experiences that is worth the memories.

Our concept is information sharing promotes better understanding of the University either for AIMST students, want-to-be aimst students and AIMST graduates. We believes in neutral stand by promoting positive AIMST Culture that worth to be an ultimate guideline for positive campus lifestyle.

The Designs & Artwork

All the Designs and Artwork is done by our AIMST student, self-motivated by interst in Digital Graphic Designing and Web publishing. It had forms a opportunistic training ground for our students of interest to involve themself in field multimedia, as AIMST University do not major in Multimedia field. Most of the skills is acquired through self learning from non stop trial-and-error, from internet sources and occassionally multimedia books from the library. We believes that having more understanding in field of multimedia such as webpublishing and graphic designing will be an add on benifit in the competetive market.

The artwork of is mainly simple cartoon like graphics that is designed based on real items. Severaly add on effects is used to enhance graphic experiences. The theme color of the website is white, making the website easy access, clean and neat

Friends & Family

To make a content rich website, information source is critical. Hence we had our well established web designing team, collaborate with friends which interested in the project, and other Clubs and Associations of AIMST University. A collections of effort will reduce workload, which is very essential for busy Student Life.

Future Projects

There is allot of other projects in mind, but only if we had time for these. University life is where more dreams arises. With dreams, we evolve forward.

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