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Fellowship... What does this word mean to you? Before I went off to university, fellowship was simply a place to spend my Saturday nights, a desperate attempt to gain friends and something that God has command us to do. Yes, the meaning of fellowship had not change much. But, the changes that it brought to me was tremendous.

In 2008, I had taken the initiative to spread my wings of freedoma and fly off to AIMST University in Kedah. I was just a fresh secondary school "graduate". But praise the Lord, I was being given the chance to join the 3rd English STMS in MTS Sibu before I head to Kedah, specifically, Bedong, Sungai petani. Now, I had never even heard of the place before. I was anxious and truthfully, since the day I received my offer letter, there was always tension hanging in the air. There were tears, talks and persuasion, asking me to reconsider because I was too young to leave my family. But, I perservere and went off to take the first step in realising my ambition.

Now, being a "newly-converted" Christian of only 2 years at that time, I was still on fire for God especially after attending the STMS. Amusingly, the first thing that came into my mind was not "Oh no, the flight ticket!" nor was it "I am going to feel so homesick!". Rather, it was "What about church? Will I be able to find a Methodist Church in Sp? preferably English-speaking church (I WAS half banana)? Will I be able to continue to serve God in the new place? Will I be able to grow spiritually there and practice what I had learnt in STMS?" Then, I found Sister Lily (Number 1) who is coincidentally from Bintulu and she was my schoolmate too! So, I started to bombard her with all sorts of questions and she told me all about the info I that I needed and more!

I was very lucky. The first week I was there, I had already attended the fellowship and the service. I was relieve for I had found a great Methodist Church there and also joined the fellowship. The down side is that they are conducted in Chinese. So, I panicked but there was nothing much I can do. Slowly, I begin to pick up more words, learn hymnals and worship songs in Chinese (of which I really grow to love nowadays), given the chance to lead p&W during fellowship and even during service! I even learn more about piano and other instruments apart from training my vocals! It was truly an amazing experience!

BUT, the most important thing was that the fellowship was the only source of comfort I found when I was there. Words cannot described my love for this group of brothers and sisters. I experience spiritual low several time when I was doing my foundation course. I could not get use to the studies and worry constantly about things at home. The only thing that was keeping me going was the thought of the coming Friday and Saturday. Truly, the fellowship was what that kept me sane. The brothers and sisters were helpful and loving. In time of difficulties, it is a great comfort to know that they will be there for you. I grew really fond of every single one of them and took them as my own siblings.

The brothers and sisters were a great awakening call for me, to do some checking in my life, to see where am I heading. They were my mirror of righteousness. I look up to them and follow the example that they set for me. Even though it may not be obvious physically, but they have make a great impact in my life, my thoughts and my spiritual well-being. I try to be like them, loving God more each day, submitting myself fully to God, try to be there for others when things are not going the right way and even the way I behave. They show me how a Godly person should be like.

I am not writing this because I have to, but due to the reason that I really love this fellowship and all the brothers and sisters that belong to it. I grow up a little more and try to let God mould me into perfection. If it wasn't for the existence of this fellowship, I would not witness many thing. Like how a pastor will himself drive the gospel van and never grew tired eventhough when there were only 2-3 people meeting for the fellowship, or how the brothers and sisters are so capable and wise in their thinking or even the spirit of perserverance.

Now, I am looking forward to going back soon, changing myself a little more, continue to learn more about things and hundreds of other things to accomplish. Because of this fellowship, I learn to be contented about blessings from God, about God's Words, ways to handle problems and crisis, of love and righteousness. And guess what? I am only a quarter of a banana now! *grins*

Our motto is right <团契,我们的家> here are no better ways to put this. *told you I am less of a banana now!*

I would love to rant on and on about it, but for now, I will leave things here and share more some other days alright?^^

Now I truly know that Hebrews 13:5 (For Jesus has said, "I will never leave you or forsake you.") is true because when I was in the depth on confusion and felt lost, he sent me his love and blessings through this fellowship and all the brothers and sisters along with it!

May God bless all of you!


嘉妮 @(Lily Number 3)
Friday, May 1, 2009

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