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this christian fellowship..
kind of different for me..
maybe is that its not more like 青团 or 少团
my first feeling when i joined this fellowship is: what a warm and nice fellowship :)
the programme on the first day i joined this fellowship is 水果会..
though we are 1st time coming(April Batch), we are treated jux like we had known each other for long..
'cox 在主里我们是一家人!!
laughter shakes the whole Bedong that night.. XD
through this fellowship, i get to know nice seniors..
helping, caring, nice, funny seniors..
through this fellowship, i feel the warm after leaving homewtown,
through this fellowship, i get know more to God
through this fellowship, we starts to made david car packed with people when go out XD
through this fellowship, the church members were suprised that the van can bring so many people 1 tme XD
and last, i would like to say: I LOVE THIS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP SOOOO MUCH!!!
thanks God for us(April Batch) to went and meet in this fellowship..

~ by Danny Wong
Monday, May 11, 2009

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