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Aimst University M.B.B.S Community Medicine and District Health Office Posting

The Complete Collections Of Community Medicine and District Health Office Posting by Aimst University M.B.B.S Students.

MBBS Batch 7 District Health Office Posting in Sik, Kedah Darul Aman

Week 1 (27/07/2008-01/08/2008)


helluuwsss from SIK DISTRICT :)


Hope everyone is well and good for the posting which is commencing tomorrow.

Below are the names of the groupC members posted to the SIK DISTRICT CLINIC from the 27thof July2008 till the 8th of August2008.

  1. Tai Ket Yan
  2. Sarah Vinothini
  3. Petrina
  4. Abiramee
  5. Rathiga
  6. Shamala
  7. Lionel
  8. Adrian
  9. Yugaseelan
  10. Lee Chung Bee
  11. Choo yin Peng
  12. Nimala

Just to refresh your memory, i am putting in their pictures as well.

Petrina Lionel Nimala Sarah
From Left: Petrina, Lionel, Nimala, Sarah(Group Leader).
Choo Yin Peng and Lee Chung Bee Tai Ket Yan Adrian Yugaseelan
From Left:Choo Yin Peng, Lee Chung Bee, Tai Ket Yan(Group Leader), Adrian, Yugaseelan.
Shamala, Abi and Rathiga
From Left: Shamala, Abi and Rathiga

We are required to learn the inner workings of the SIK District Health Office which includes areas like CDC Surveillance, primary health, family health, disease control, food quality control, occupational safety, BAKAS (water quality and sanitation), vector control and KPAS.

We will be constantly updating you on our activities. Till then, its abi signing off!!

Take care and have fun at the posting everyone!!

Post by abiramee

Day 1

Hello again from Sik District ....

Our Day 1 began with a briefing regarding our 8 day posting in this district by the District Health Officer Dr.Ishak and further briefed by the Penolong Pegawai Kesihatan or Assistant Health Officer Mr.Chin from 10am til 11 am.

We were served food and briefing was continued by Mr.Chin. After lunch , we had a talk by the Jururawat Kesihatan Suraya regarding the duties of nurses, primer health, home nursing, family health and school health.

We dispersed at 4.30 pm and there was a fogging session which was attended at 7pm.

Post by abiramee

Day 2

Our Day 2 began with a visit to the Mother and Child Clinic and we observed a nutritious cooking demonstration by the staff nurses there . It was an educational programme for under nourished children. We also collected data from the Family Planning Clinic, Immunization and Vaccination information and also on breastfeeding etc.

Activities conducted for mothers by staff nurses Activities conducted for mothers by staff nurses
Activities conducted for mothers by staff nurses to educate about a well balanced diet for their children.
came in for an injectible contraception came in for an injectible contraception
At the Family Planning Clinic, when a mother of 3 children came in for an injectible contraception
OPV was Administered Tritantrix
Tritantrix was Administered
At the Vaccination and Immunization Clinic, when we observed how the OPV and Tritantrix was Administered

Thats all for now.. more updates to be given soon.. till then.. take care and enjoy the posting friends :)

Post by abiramee

Day 3

We visited Klinik Kesihatan Jeniang at 8.30am. We had a briefing by the Klinik MO Dr.Noor and the Penolong Pegawai Kesihatan Encik Jurid regarding the organizational structure of the Klinik. The FMS (Family Medicine Specialist) Dr.Habshah was away , therefore we were briefed by the MO.

Klinik Kesihatan Jeniang Klinik Kesihatan Jeniang

Dr.Noor then briefed us further on the Procedures done in Klinik Kesihatan Sik and Klinik Kesihatan Jeniang which is the VIA or Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid for Cervical cancer screening.

Encik Jurid brought us around the whole Klinik Kesihatan and led us to ABC(Alternative Bedding Centre) for phototherapy and labour, Geriatric Clinic which comprises of Diabetic Clinic and Hypertension Clinic and also lastly to the MCH. We had lunch break from 11am to 12noon.

Posters Posters

At 12noon we had a pleasant visit by Prof Narayan, Dr.Sapna and Dr.Lely. We reported to them about the activities done for the past 2 days.

Prof Narayan gave us a few suggestions on the research methods of Dengue and Malaria.


At 2pm, Jururawat Kesihatan Zainab gave us a talk on School Health Service. Services provided like Doktor Muda, Vaccination and Immunization, Counselling for Teenagers etc. We were done for the day, and we went back to SP because TOMORROW IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY IN KEDAH :)

As I mentioned in the blog yesterday, the fogging session attended on Sunday was at 7pm.

Before the fogging session started , a briefing was given regarding the content of the fogging liquid.

4 litres of diesel mixed with 80ml of Resigen per equipment which lasts about 20 minutes with a radius of 200 m.

Fogging Fogging

Post by abiramee

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