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Aimst University M.B.B.S Community Medicine and District Health Office Posting

The Complete Collections Of Community Medicine and District Health Office Posting by Aimst University M.B.B.S Students.

MBBS Batch 7 District Health Office Posting in Kota Setar, Kedah Darul Aman

Week 1 (27/07/2008-01/08/2008)


Day 1 - 27/07/2008

since 2day was our first day, we reach the district health office at 9am,but unfortunately the Pengarah was attending a conferance which only finished at 2.45pm. so we were told to come at 2.30pm to attend a briefing. the briefing was on Maternal Child Health(MCH), which was given by head of community nurse. the briefing ends at around 4.20pm. apart from that we also visited other departments within the district health office,for instance food and qality dept, and environmental dept.

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Day 2 - 28/07/2008

school health team school health team
school health team school health team

on 2nd day of our posting, we followed the school health team to observe the immunization. our groups were divided into 2 teams,"team A" and "team B"......


we team A followed the nurses to a chinese school(SEKOLAH JENIS KEBANGSAAN PEI SHIN) which is located at Kuala Kedah. we observed how MMR and OPV were given to standard one students.there were total of 27 students received OPV and MMR, whereas only one student of standard six who was absent during the 1st visit received rubella.


Team B went to Sek Haji Mohd Shariff, Kota Setar, to observe DT and OPV vaccination.there were 61 students received those vaccines and only 3 students (previously missed out cases) received rubella. apart from that , deworming were also carried out for pre school students. before the vaccines were given, the nurses did general physical examination and review the consent letter.

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DAY 3 - 29/07/2008

today's programme was on geriatrics health, adolescent health, as well as malnutrients. To this we have to go to Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Kedah, to meet Mr. Romli(medical assistant). he brought us around the health clinic to give us insight of health care services available in the clinic. then the person incharge of each department brief us on activities conducted in their respective departments. at noon one of our aimst lecturer, Dr. saurirajan join us for the discussion, and gave us more information regarding the activities conducted by the departments. thats all.....good bye

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Day 4 - 30/07/2008

it was a public holiday...and resting day for all of us

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