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Myaimst Communities , is a collection of website designed by the Myaimst web design team. We collaborate with several other aimst students who are interested to publish their content in our website domain. The mutual collaboration aims to create a content rich website which will make serve its purpose of promotes integrations between interest, knowledge and skills.

Currently we have MBBS Batch 12, Aimst Photography Club, Aimster Forum , Aimst Christian Fellowship (Methodist). If you are interest in joining us or you have any opinion/suggestion/comments, please inform us. We will try our best to provide help and solutions despite our busy study schedule.

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1. AIMSTER Forum @ MyAiMsT.NeT

The Unofficial Aimst Student Forum "AIMSTer" was first created before year 2005 on "invisionfree" free forum hosting. However the forum remain silent since then due to lack of members. In september 2008, we decide to mimic the forum in our domain and try to restore the previous glory. Most of its structure are preserved. "AIMSTer" forum is open for everyone to join and discuss.Its first motto "by the student for everyone" had been the main motivation and basics of creation.

2. AIMST University MBBS Batch 12

The AIMST University MBBS batch 12 is a very wellknown Batch to been "Passive ". Yup, there's lots of mystery behind this small and quite batch of fourty plus. To know who are we, why are we here, whats the newest happennings, welcome to visit us here. Here will be our official "hideouts" . Click to find out more on what we have.

3. AIMST Photography Club

The AIMST University Photography Club (APC) had currently embased here, in, sharing the same vision of creating a multidisiplinary integrated platform. Interested in photography or want to know whats the newest photo collection of APC ? Welcome.

4. AIMST Methodist Christian Fellowship (AMCF) [AIMST大专团契]


5. AIMST . Sarawakian . Sabahan

A home far away across the ocean ~ A mystery that leads the young minds to seek education at the other end of malaysia ~ I still remember those days where AIMST University is never been herd of to the ears of the east malaysians. Miss your homeland of hornbills and cool breeze ? Want to share news and stories from your home town far away ? Want to organise visit or know more about Sarawak & Sabah ? Want to share the same taxi/ plane with other AIMST's Sarawakian & Sabahan during your term holidays ? New to AIMST ? Or just want to Minggle around with Old Friends and stay connected ? Welcome to join us! The Paradise below the greens of tropical rainforest awaits.

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