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Histology of Liver

  • Made up of hexagonal areas – hepatic lobules.
  • Each separated – connective tissue septa.
  • Each lobule has cords of liver cells separated by sinusoids.
  • Each liver cell is
    • - one cell thick
    • - anatomizing with one another forming a network
    • - spaces between the liver cells is sinusoids
  • Along the periphery of each lobule there an area filled with connective tissue.
  • This area is called the portal canals.
  • Portal canals has
    • 1. branch of portal vein
    • 2. branch of hepatic artery
    • 3. interlobular bile duct
    • knowns as PORTAL TRIAD
  • Blood from the portal vein, hepatic artery enter the sinusoids at the periphery of the lobule.
  • The blood flows towards the centre and open into a vein in the middle called central vein .
  • Central veins drains into the hepatic vein – IVC

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