Here you can find shadows of our creative AIMST Students. However, we are not affliate with the below web-links. It is purely for your reference purpose.

To update us with more links, welcome to contact us. We will create a strong and healthy AIMST communities network. Lets keep the spider busy.

1. AIMST Facebook communities

It is said that most of the AIMST student owns a Facebook account. Facebook is the world recognised social website that allow people to connect each other, at the same time having fun with interactive applications. However, how many facebook groups & communities have you know of ? Most of the communities are from clubs and associations of AIMST.

2. AIMST Blog-Web

Creating a dedicated website is difficult for most of the AIMST Student. Blog type website had been a common option to create a professional alike website, With feature of easy formating, easy updates, easy moderation, and free hosting.

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