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Designing graphics of MyAiMsT.NeT involves series of steps, like any other digital graphic designing. We use a once well known graphic designing program in year 2004 - Macromedia Flash MX & Macromedia Fireworks MX (no longer available now). This program can be use as simple 2D graphic design , making flash movies and even flash games.

Our design style is mainly cartoonize character with element of items that you may see everyday. We add in elements such as trees, grass, book shelf .etc to make it more related to real life, at the same time decorates the web pages. In this website you will find heavy load of graphics (sorry for the longer loading time) because we want to practice more graphic drawing. So far we had improved ourselves until pre-sketch is no longer needed to proceed to actual vector drawing.

step 1 : sketch


Sketching ideas that fly by your minds on a piece of paper is the most fundamental step of making a graphic. A simple pencil sketch will make the wonders if you already have the ideas of what it may become in the final product. With sketch, you can reshape your drawings into proper proportions and dimensions before you scan it into the computer for vector drawing.


Vector drawing compose of various lines that forms the outline of the graphic before colouring. It sets the boundaries for colors that will be added on later.

We use vectors because it is build out of simple lines, and behind it is a simple maths that make infinate enlargement possible. You can save your finalized picture in 40x40 or 4000x4000 with the same quality of lines. moreover, it needs a very little save space even with very large graphics.

Unlike scaned drawings, where it is limited to its original DPI and scan size. Enlargement will cause pixelated pictures. However, vectors is hard to draw. It takes >2hrs to draw this picture.

step 2 : Vector
step 3 : coloring


Coloring is the last step of vector drawing. A distinct color is filled into a space enclosed by the vector lines. The concept of shades of color will be very essential, as every space fill must have relation to another space fill. If the color diffrences between contrast is too high, it will create a very odd contour of colors.

After filling the proper colors and delete unused lines, we will export it in .png format and finalized with Macromedia Fireworks. In Fireworks, we make shadows and glow to make it more realistic. The combinition of diffrent layers of element will make a graphic out-standing.

You may ask, why no proceed to 3D animation designs ? well, we admit that we don't have the experties is 3D animated graphics. We are just begineers of web graphic designs , and we don't want to jump steps. Furthermore, we are busy in studies and exams like any other University Student. The designing is our part time effort.

Anyway, hope you like the art work. Thanks for stopping by. Comments and Complains are welcome.

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