Aimst Photography Club Title

AIMST Photography Club

A club opens for all AIMST staffs and students aiming for the rational interactions, unity, multidisciplinary benefits, and positive university life in the quest for a common interest of photography.


AIMST University Photography Club, is formed by AIMST Students under the common Interest of Photo shooting and editing.

Photography means the art, process or job of taking photographs or filming something. A photograph means a picture that is made by using a camera that has a film sensitive to light inside it. (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, International Student Edition, 7th Edition)

Photography is a healthy hobby which is recognized worldwide. It does not only emphasis on subject taken by camera, but also involves the skills and the team work effort to make the subject stands out. It also involves the successful communication with the subject or subject in charge. Furthermore, it will be a multi-billion profit business when comes to professional photography.

Hence, we strongly believe that the Photography Club will benefit AIMST students in knowledge, skills, and social well-being. It can be an add on advantage in future career either in the field of mass media (Photo Journalist, News Reporter), Sciences (Documentary, Astronomy) , Art (Creative Photography, Photo Studio) and Entertainment (fashion).

The Photography Club is open for all AIMST University Students to join, regardless of race, religion and origins. There is no prerequisite of previous photography experiences. We serve all members equally, regardless they are phone-camera, digital compact camera or DSLR users.


To be successful club, achieving excellence in knowledge, skills and social wellbeing, through common interest in photography.

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